Product Availability

What you need, as you need it – wherever you are

RKM is committed to manufacturing the best quality rollers, idlers and frames for our local and international customers.

On-site Stocking

We can provide consignment stock on-site, monitored and maintained by RKM personnel who will assist with organising the appropriate storage and identification for various products. All information collected is shared with the customer, and products are only invoiced once removed from the con-stock area.

Vendor-Managed Stock

We can also provide vendor managed stock to site, with the customer purchasing and managing their own stock on-site as required. RKM will provide assistance with storage and identification as required.

RKM Rollers - Product Availability

Australian and Global Warehouses

RKM has access to numerous warehouses located across the globe, where customer replenishment stock can be held.

China Warehouse

In addition to our global warehouses, RKM can further replenishment lead times by stocking products at our China warehouse. This removes manufacturing lead times and just leaves transportation lead times.

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