RKM Rollers Accessories

RKM Guide Rollers

RKM Guide Rollers are designed to assist with belt tracking and are available in various design options depending on the customers requirements.

RKM Roller Wear No Go Measurement Gauge

The RKM Roller Wear No Go Gauge helps increase awareness of worn and deformed rollers through the site level roller audit process. Various diameters available.

Stone Guards and Keeper Plates

RKM Stone Guards and Keeper Plates are help remove any potential rock jam between the roller and the frame, reducing downtime and maintenance costs.

Lanyard Wire Support

The Lanyard Wire Support (or Pigs Tail) is FRAS rated for underground use. It supports the safety lanyard that runs down the outside of the conveyor.

RKM Wind Guards

RKM Wind Guards are designed to help reduce belt lift/flap from high wind events/storms and are available in large, small or specialised options.

RKM Roller Carrying Device

The Roller carrier enables operators to safely maintain three points of contact while climbing stairs, ensuring rollers cannot dislodge during lifts.

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