RKM Medium Duty PVC Roller – Low Noise Anti Static Roller

RKM Medium Duty PVC Roller

Economical and light weight

The RKM Medium Duty PVC Roller has been designed as an economical light weight, low noise, belt friendly, corrosion resistance option. The roller excels in harsh environments such as wet prep plants where spillage and carry back are a common issue. It’s reduced weight means it’s a great options for those hard to reach places or for incline gantries where 2 people are required to carry a steel roller to it’s location. Due to the RKM Medium Duty PVC rollers low co-efficient of friction it reduces the amount of carry back material that will stick to the rollers surface. The roller is also available with an extensive list of product upgrades to meet your specific operating conditions.

RKM Rollers MD PVC Seal Package

Seal Package

RKM Roller Seal Package

  • Industry proven performance
  • Large outer shield for extra rock jam protection
  • 3 layers of bearing protection preventing the ingress of foreign material
  • Optimal balance between sealing protection and low frictional resistance
  • Water & dust resistant
  • Bearing end float adjusted to meet your specifications

Roller Assembly

RKM Rollers Roller Assembly

  • Reduced noise levels
  • Excellent co-efficient of friction, prevents material build up on the roller surface
  • Balanced to ISO 1940-1:2016-G40
  • Minimal TIR & MIS
  • Corrosion resistant
  • 40% reduction in weight compared to an equivalent steel roller
  • Reduced vibration and belt flap
  • Belt friendly


RKM Rollers Roller Assembly

  • Machined & Dynamically Balanced
  • Hollow Shafts
  • Heavy Duty Solid Bearing Housing
  • Name Brand Bearings
  • RKM Smart Idler – Live Roller Monitoring

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