RKM Heavy Duty Poly Impact Roller – For Extra Large Loads

RKM Heavy Duty Poly Impact Roller

For extreme loading conditions

The RKM Heavy Duty Poly Impact Roller has been designed to handle extreme impact situations where high tonnages or extra large lumps are being conveyed. The moulded one piece bullnose polyurethane design effectively absorbs and then distributes loads back through the roller and onto the conveyor structure. The roller utilises spherical roller bearings and increased sealing protection to deal with the harsh environments these rollers have been designed to operate in. The roller is also available with numerous product upgrades to meet your specific operating conditions.

RKM Roller HD Poly Seal Package

Seal Package

RKM Roller Seal Package

  • Industry proven performance
  • Fixed and floating spherical roller bearings for high speed, high load applications
  • Large outer shield for extra rock jam protection from skirt spillage
  • 3 layers of bearing protection preventing the ingress of foreign material
  • Optimal balance between sealing protection and low frictional resistance
  • Water & dust resistant
  • Custom designed bearing shields prevent ingress, with no effect on frictional resistance

Roller Assembly

RKM Rollers Roller Assembly

  • Balanced to ISO 1940-1:2016-G40
  • Superior impact load dampening for extreme conditions
  • One piece hot cast poly, mechanically locked to the tube assembly ensures positive retention during heavy duty impact loading conditions
  • Excellent abrasion resistance


RKM Rollers Roller Assembly

  • FRAS Poly
  • FRAS Seals
  • Name Brand Bearings
  • RKM Smart Idler – Live Roller Monitoring

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