RKM Heavy Duty Lightweight Composite Roller

RKM Heavy Duty Lightweight Composite Roller

By using a unique pull-winding process, high grade glass reinforcement and resin to bind the fibers together, it provides superior flexural strength and stiffness comparable to Steel.

This combination has been used in • Power Pole Cross arms • Boardwalks • Foot Bridges • Road Bridges • Pontoons • Jetties • Various Mine Structures • Piping, Casing & Tubing • Reinforcing (Rebar)

• Up to 50 % lighter than Steel
• Advanced wear properties
• Superior Stiffness and Flexural Strength, comparable to Steel
• Low Noise
• High Performance Sealing package
• HD Bearing Housing

The RKM Heavy Duty Light Weight Composite Roller provides low weight and less noise in comparison to the normal plain steel rollers. The specially formulated composite shell is as strong as steel but 50% lighter. We have designed into the housing our proven RS seal package along with a primary heavy-duty nylon protective outer dual labyrinth shield, which will eliminate any rock jamming & provides additional protection against the ingress of contaminants. Computerized dynamic balancing machines enable us to produce a dynamically balanced roller which meets AS3709 G16 and achieves the best possible TIR and MIS, reducing any noise generated from the belt running across the surface of the roller.

As a solution driven Idler manufacture, RKM continues to innovate products suitable for today’s heavy mining application.

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