RKM High Performance Low Noise Steel Roller – Quiet Running

RKM High Performance Low Noise Steel Roller

Designed for the lowest noise possible

The RKM High Performance Low Noise Steel Roller has been designed to achieve the lowest possible noise levels for a steel roller. The roller eclipses the balance requirements of ISO 1940-1:2016-G16 with TIR values <0.13mm and MIS values <0.1mm. To achieve such results the roller construction process has been designed to attain perfect alignment and concentricity. The roller is also available with an extensive list of product upgrades to meet your specific operating conditions.

RKM HD Low Noise Steel Roller Seal Package

Seal Package

RKM Roller Seal Package

  • Industry proven performance
  • 3 layers of bearing protection preventing the ingress of foreign material
  • Optimal balance between sealing protection and low frictional resistance
  • Water & dust resistant
  • Bearing end float adjusted to meet your specifications

Roller Assembly

RKM Rollers Roller Assembly

  • 10dBA reduction in noise levels compared to an equivalent standard steel roller
  • Balanced to ISO 1940-1:2016 – G16
  • Minimal TIR (<0.13mm) & MIS (<0.1)
  • Reduced vibration and belt flap Increased bearing life
  • Fully sealed weld – bearing housing to tube


RKM Rollers Roller Assembly

  • Surface Protection – Galvanised or Dacromet
  • Rubber Lagging
  • FRAS Seals
  • Rock Jam Prevention Cover
  • Stainless Steel
  • Reinforced Bearing Housing
  • Name Brand Bearings
  • Hollow Shaft
  • RKM Smart Idler – Live Roller Monitoring
  • Weigh Roller  Jacking Screws

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