RKM Roller Company becomes a Vayeron Australian Premium Partner

RKM Roller Company becomes a Vayeron Australian Premium Partner


Vayeron Pty Ltd announces the first committed Australia region Partner to the exclusive Premium Partner Program, launched in July.
Conveyor roller manufacturer, RKM Roller Company has secured one of the limited availability Partnership spots in Vayeron’s flagship customer program.
Smart-Idler® is Vayeron’s conveyor technology offering that eliminates belt conveyor roller related downtime, fires and enables targeted and optimized conveyor roller maintenance for operators. Through Smart-Idler® significant conveyor maintenance and downtime reduction savings can be realized.
This strategic alignment will mean RKM is a Vayeron verified manufacturer or Smart-Idler® embedded conveyor rollers and has undergone extensive product training. RKM can shorten product lead-times due to the Smart-Idler® sensor stock held in-house and is capable of directly assisting RKM clients with smart roller technology deployments.
Vayeron is rapidly growing the global distribution of its Smart-Idler® product line. Users located in Australia can now access a reliable and well tested market ready solution for smart rollers powered by Vayeron.
Conveyor rollers represent a significant maintenance challenge for most bulk materials handling conveyor systems as the large quantity of the rollers contained within a conveyor system means that inspection and replacement routines are reliant on a reactive maintenance program. End-user conveyor operators regularly experience significant operational losses and flow-on damage to their conveyor belts due to unmitigated conveyor roller failure.
The RKM brand is held in high regard among Western Australia’s Iron Ore and East Coast coal producers such as Roy Hill and Peabody. Vayeron is excited to be partnering with a trusted brand in these markets for smart conveyor component solutions.
Vayeron Managing Director, Ryan Norris said: “We welcome RKM on-board as our first announced partner under this program. After having worked closely with RKM over the last two years, we are confident that RKM has diligently onboarded our technology and can now effectively deliver a significant cost saving solution to their end-user customers”.
“Our Smart-Idler® system for the elimination of conveyor roller related downtime on bulk materials handling conveyors, is receiving significant industry demand from customers located throughout Australia. It is important to us to be able to deliver a quality solution through our conveyor partners. Any end-users who are looking to create a step change improvement in how they maintain their conveyor systems can confidently obtain their solution from RKM.” Mr. Norris said.

RKM Managing Director, Brett Maiden said “At RKM we see Vayeron technology playing a key role in the way mining companies manage conveyor rollers throughout their business.
There are many ways companies can use the Smart-Idler® technology to understand the performance of their rollers in specific locations and applications, this can then give a better understanding of failure modes and predict roller life allowing for scheduled maintenance change outs. It also helps identify other underlining conveying operational issues. By becoming a Premium Partner with Vayeron it allows us to offer product solutions that are totally visible to all parties as we can track the performance in real time and show how valuable the technology can be to their business.”
About Vayeron
Vayeron Pty Ltd is a leading Industrial IoT equipment manufacturer for the Global Mining and Bulk Materials Handling industry. Vayeron provides solutions to industrial process productivity challenges that anchor physical equipment to the digital world.
Vayeron designs, manufactures, and sells wireless hardware monitoring technologies which are innovative and unique in their design and capability. Our objective is to make products that are easy to deploy, operate and maintain and achieve a high return on investment for the end-user.
About RKM RKM leads the way in the design, performance, supply and manufacturing of conveyor idlers and mine structure. RKM has the knowledge and proven ability to support your needs with our world class testing laboratory, in-house custom design calculation program, 3rd party independent testing and ongoing research and development projects. With over 35 years of engineering experience in the conveyor industry, RKM is well equipped to provide the ideal tailored engineering solution for you.

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